Theme of TERSD-2022
The main theme of TERSD-2022 – Sustaining and Thriving Transformative Educational
Research and Practice in Challenging Times and Contexts – focuses on overcoming cultural,
epistemological and institutional resistances that educational researchers and practitioners are
facing. We seek to co-jointly envision a post-COVID paradigm shift for empowering the future
of research and education as an empowering space that fosters critical reflexivity as a means of
promoting praxis-driven discourses. Likewise, such spaces offer practitioners of multiple
disciplines collaborate to challenge and overcome discriminatory and disempowering policies
and practices that restrain education and research from addressing emerging complexities in our
lifeworlds, especially those related to the social, economic, political, ecological and spiritual
Sub Themes
In addition to addressing the theme of the conference, participants are welcome to also focus on
any of the following sub-themes:
 Learning and researching for sustainable futures
 Transformative sustainability pedagogies
 Education and research in a post COVID era
 Justice, sustainability and peace
 Critical spirituality
 Critical futures studies
 Education and research for the common good
 Lived experiences of practitioner-researchers
 Posthumanism
 Post-qualitative research
 Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary education and research
 Ecopreneurship
 Collaborative transformation
 Authenticity and ethical responsibility
 Transformative STEAM education
 TVET as/for empowerment