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Registration for TERSD-2022 is free for all scholars throughout the world. Register your name at https://tersd2022.kusoed.edu.np/registration/ (If you have registered already, no need to register again!) You can also encourage your network colleagues and friends to register for the conference. Registration closes on November 2, 2022!

This is the updated key date of TERSD-2022.

The 3rd International Conference on Transformative Educational Research and Sustainable Development

(4-6 November 2022, Nepal)

 Sustaining and Thriving Transformative Educational Research and Practice
in Challenging Times and Contexts

Transformative Educational Research and Sustainable Development (TERSD) is a scholarly forum that aims to conceive, enact and flourish the depth and scope of transformative capabilities, collaboration, embodied practice and praxis in education and research. Kathmandu University School of Education (KUSOED), Nepal, hosted two previous international conferences on Transformative Educational Research and Sustainable Development (TERSD). The first conference, held in 2016, promoted theoretically informed discussions on the need for relational ontology and multi-paradigmatic epistemologies in education and research. The second conference, held in 2018, focused on collective transformation through context-responsive wisdom and knowledge heritage. Both conferences contributed to expanding awareness of our situatedness and created a harmonious space by strengthening and enlarging an international network of transformative practitioners.

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